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I am polyamourus, and have D.I.D...... Im not sure what to quite talk about but..... Yea, I don't really do fur suiting personally as I have bad memories with such things, BUT I fully support others ^.^. Ummm.... I'm a multivert if I don't talk or interact with you it doesn't mean I don't like you or your uninteresting its just I'm terrible at talking at first until I get to know you then I'm probably annoying.... I enjoy rping of any type so yea..... Thats it ig...
Jun 06

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Fursona Description:
My Fursona is an Arctic Fox with, Cyan highlights around the ears and chin. Their eyes and a Light Purple with Light Cyan streaks around their retina. Their name is Winter they are very shy and introverted. They prefer the pronouns They/Them. They have an Amorphous gender, they are mainly in the form of a male.

My other Fursona is an Black wolf, with Maroon tribal markings on their chest and back, as well as Ocean Blue tribal markings around their face. His name Is Zayne, he has a very aggressive and dominant attitude. Extremely domineering and aggressive around others that approach his younger sibling Winter. Multiverted and extremely arrogant.

Winter and Zayne are not blood related both had ended up in an orphanage at an young age and eventually aged out. They became very close during this time and eventually bought an apartment after they aged out.
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