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Nova is a sheep-bunny-deer that is from outerspace (dont judge xD)
Head: She has two blue lines that go from the side of her face to her eyes and it kinda makes it like she is crying, other than that her face looks like a normal sheep. She also has small antlers on top of her head and a bean sprout
Eyes: Her eye are a lavender-ish color with a tiny star shape in her eye
Ears: Her ears a super long, the outside are fluffy and they have two blue line on them on the inside it is an ombre of pink,purple and blue
Hand and feet hooves: Her hooves look like normal sheep hooves except for the fact that the actually hoof part is a light blue
Body: Her body is all fluffy and her underbelly is an ombre pink blue and purple
Tail: Her tail drags on the floor and it is white while the underside of it is lavender, it also has a giant yellow star at the end of it
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