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Jul 11
Hey, names Santos, you can call me Zoro. Been in Arizona basically my whole life and looking for someone to pass the time with and have fun. I love listening to music, drawing, and I love nature :) also cuddles UwU
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Apr 26 2021

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a young fox whom was not very lucky struggle to live a good life in the ghetto, mother died and father left, the young fox was alone. He got caught up in gangs, rose up to join the mafia, then eventually managed to get out a few years later. He joined the Armed Forces and eventually the pentagon after losing his mate. He went on covert ops against the soviet union with the pentagon still at war with those whom we thought we defeated long ago. Zoro sees himself as a proud US CITIZEN as well as a proud Russian Citizen. That's what lots of people don't understand.
[Pentagon]Note: we believe our agent Zoro may have been attacked while undercover or somehow cover was blown, Russians claimed a atomic bomb was stolen and the base was massacred, No nukes were launched, Cameras give little to no info as it seems the base was under an type of electrical failure. They state that more than one of their agents are MIA.
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Santos Capone #2925
I play videogames but have no internet sadly atm
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