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DenFur 2024 Carpool
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Hello, I'm planning on driving up to Denver for Denfur 2024 and am looking for people to ride with. I am located in Tucson, but I can pick people up from Phoenix, Flagstaff and surrounding areas. I have room for 3 people and 3 suitcases and I hope to be able to share a hotel to split the costs. Since it is a 16 or so hour drive, I hope to be able to switch out around halfway through the drive.

I plan on leaving around midnight on the 22nd to be able to arrive around 4-6pm to our hotel in Denver, but this can be changed depending on your needs. It is my goal to be as accommodating as possible. I plan to drive back Monday morning on the 26th to be able to get back around midnight. This will be different if I am picking you up somewhere other than Tucson, just let me know where and I can give an estimated time.

Please contact me directly if you would like to come, I want to get hotels sorted out asap.


Phone: 520-283-8754

Discord: ce3_caspernicus

Thank you,



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Aug, 22nd 2024 12:00AM


Aug, 27th 2024 11:59PM

Tucson, AZ, USA
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