Running Red Lights

 I was thinking about everyone driving to and from the BBQ meet (and probably other meets) and ran across a map in an article from  (Support local news sources!) Map of red-light runner crashes A lot of them seem random but around many streets that are exits from highways, there are little groups of them--as if people getting off of the freeway think they're still on it? Or people in a hurry to get to the onramp risk going through the intersection?  I have friends...

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Custom Fursuit Cost?

Does anyone know how much a custom fursuit is?

Thanks- Icicle the Foxky

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hello i kn...

hello i know is bin a long time sest i'v bin on but i hade school so it mede it hard to come on.

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i have a fursute

 ok i just notis i have a fursute, is not a reguler fursute but it is one. it a penguin sute YEA

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hello im n...

hello im new to the fandom i barley started on my ref shet but i have a dineo mask. im going to pant it after my b-day. i hope i have a good experince.

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New fursona

Made a new fursona today, can’t wait to make more art of her. Her name is Eliane and she’s half lynx half light fury dragon

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i am now doing request


 hello everyone i am now doing request for anyone who wants me to draw their sona, leave a comment on my profile and i will get to it soon


© Moonlight

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Please help

How much would it be for a fursuit? Please help me

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Request Update!

Because I've gotten such a HUGE amount of requests and support, I'm going to real quick put down a list here (So I don't forget, because I'm eternally turned around..) I'll comment/respond and tag you when I upload a pic of your request!-XanatheFennecFox-Circut the protodingo(Felix The Folf)-North The Fox-Suki(Currently in order of who's responded most recently!)

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GMRS Radio

You should consider getting a GMRS license. ​The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service that uses channels around 462 MHz and 467 MHz. The most common use of GMRS channels is for short-distance, two-way voice communications using hand-held radios, mobile radios and repeater systems. Using a repeater can allow you to talk to people 50+ miles away. Although a license is required to use this service, there is no test, making it a perfect way to enter the radio communic...

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eyyylo there!

? ? ? I hope hundreds of you do not mind that i joined this website even if i'm not living in Arizona, YET. i know someday ill move over there! just to feel the American life ( cuz i wasn't born in the U S A but I'm American ) I hope I'm welcomed here~ ???

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Here I am!

Hi all! Marie The Feligon is finally here! I don't know how popular or unpopular this social site actually is, but I'm excited to join it nonetheless! Hopefully, I'll get to post my WIP of my suit and other such things, and eventually start selling stuff through my brand, YinKitty Studios! See y'all soon, and feel free to message me! (If there is messaging on this site? I don't even know...?)

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Shaded Place

[This is a sample of a book I'm writing with two anthro cats, following a blind catto with his fluffy bro]“Let’s head home, Smokey~” He jested, but Smoke only sat on the ground curiously. “Where are we going today?” He mumbled, flopping onto his back, but misjudging the space between himself and the painful tile with a quiet ‘crack’. Boar jolted in concern, but Smoke shook his head with a smile, oblivious to his brother’s quiet concern. “Absolutely fine! Just a knock..” He grinned, but his mouth shut down into a sigh. “Let’s go back to Virginia,” Boar stated, his voice dropped to a whisper, and Smoke audibly squeaked."Home?!" He squealed but lowered his head quietly. His brother grasped Smoke's furry wrist, pulling him up to his feet and dusting off the low-hanging jeans that he insisted to wear. Smoke wasn't sure as to Boar's style choices, they didn't leave much to explore. It occurred to biped Abyssinian that his brother was serious, and with a dip of his muzzle he started walking. "You have 408 miles to walk, Bro. We need a car." Smoke stated plainly through a half open muzzle. Boar grabbed Smoke’s arm before his whiskers scaped out a wall inches from his face. “You know, you walk, and even sound, like dad!” The shorter brother retorted to Smoke’s cool stature. Smoke, not making the effort to respond, curled his tail around his body to avoid the walls of the narrow tunnel. Boar made a short squeak to warn Smoke of any approaching walls or steps, or just jerked his arm away as Smoke’s mind wandered. Eventually, he worked his fingers down to Smoke’s wrist and pulled him along.Smoke held his brother’s hand, mind wandering off in a quiet fashion. The soft fur of his brother tensed his whiskers, but neither boy seemed to mind the close-tucked position. Along the path, Smoke’d shed his boots, favoring instead his bare paws on the soft ground.

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Fursuit Review

 A lot of people on another site were asking me to review my fursuit, so I went ahead and typed one up! It's pretty long but if you're thinking about commissioning my maker I cover a lot of info about the suit in there. Link here

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Hiya guys!
Its your local Raptor Pup chiming in to let you know my commissions are wide open. If getting quality, but cheap art is something that interests you, Direct Message me @DinoPuper on Instagram. On my Insta page there is prices, and other useful info regarding commissions, and TOS.
I'm trying to save up for some arm sleeves for my suit so I don't have to poodle all the time. :,D
Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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Meet With Us

Come hang out with us at our regular meets and events! We love meeting new furs and people who are interested in the fandom. Check out the Events section for more information.