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Running Red Lights

 I was thinking about everyone driving to and from the BBQ meet (and probably other meets) and ran across a map in an article from  (Support local news sources!)

Map of red-light runner crashes

A lot of them seem random but around many streets that are exits from highways, there are little groups of them--as if people getting off of the freeway think they're still on it? Or people in a hurry to get to the onramp risk going through the intersection? 

I have friends who were hit while they were trying to turn left at Southern and Lindsey in Mesa by a person trying to beat the light and get through going straight...that's on there.  They're still waiting for the insurance money on that even though it happened in July of 2020.

How safely do furries drive?  There have been a few conversations on Telegram where furs have said "On my way here" or other comments that made it sound like they were effectively texting and driving but it was probably once per month or less...and always the same handful of people.  

Of course I've heard a lot of comments about younger folks getting to be 16 and not wanting to get a license or bother with driving at all.  Do furs reflect that or exaggerate it (with disproportionate numbers either way)?  Stuff to think about while I'm driving to work.

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Friday, 14 June 2024

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