Arizona Furs Events Update

Howdy AZ furs! The CDC is going to be relaxing mask mandates soon for fully vaccinated people and we are all chomping at the bit to get meet ups going again. Well, it's happening! Starting June 1st 2021, we will be allowing meets-ups to be posted on and here in the chat. It's been a long time coming and we are all glad to see vaccinations still on the rise as more and more furs are becoming fully vaccinated.What you need to know about posting events: We do ask that everyone ...

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Introducing Paid Events on

What are paid events?Some events in our community cost the organizers a lot to run. These events are usually the larger ones, such as the BBQ and the Bowling meets. We are stepping in to help with these costs by creating a ticket system for these events. Any paid event is created by trusted organizers that have been doing this for a number of years, the price of the ticket will go to renting a venue, food, and other items needed. Any excess will go to paying for other services we run or to a cha...

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What are AZ Furs?

Updated 07/30/21AZ Furs are Furries in Arizona. The real question you might have is, "What are furries?" The term furry describes a diverse community of fans, artists, writers, gamers, and role players. Most furries create for themselves an anthropomorphized animal character (fursona) with whom they identify and can function as an avatar within the community. Some furries wear elaborate costumes or paraphernalia such as animal ears or tails, or represent themselves as anthropomorphic animals in ...

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Meet With Us

Come hang out with us at our regular meets and events! We love meeting new furs and people who are interested in the fandom. Check out the Events section for more information.