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Mar 25
  • They/Them
Aug 04 2021

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Fursona Description:
Anthro fennec fox.

MAIN fur COLOR is light purple and her under color is white.

Her HAIR is dark purple and flows over long on one side.

Her EARS are two different patterns.
Her LEFT EAR is same light purple as main fur and with black spots.
And her RIGHT EAR is yellow and pink striped.

Face marking are 1 light green triangle under each eye (kinda like Kiba's from Naruto lol) and 1 light green triangle like marking on her muzzle.

Her LEFT EYE is blue and her RIGHT EYE is red

Her LEFT ARM is dark Grey, and her RIGHT ARM is white. Both cutting off color at the upper inner arm on both sides.

Her PAW PADS are light green

She wears an orange top, and black with a white stripe on each leg short-shorts.

Her leg markings are the the same patterns as the ears BUT opposite sides.

Her TAIL is main fur color and the tip is half RED and half BLUE (in that order going from tip) like her eyes.

She has angel wings that transparent light blue.

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