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Featured Visual/Functionality Update

Hello! The developer of the software we use to run has recently updated, giving us many new features and layout options. You may notice some of these changes right away in the community page. Most other pages are not affected. Here are some of the recent changes.

Mobile Updates, Features & Filters, Discovery

The Sidebar 

First off, NO MORE CLUNKY SIDEBAR! I am happy to finally say that. We now have the new "Discovery" menu. Click on your profile picture and select an option under discovery to browse users, photos, videos, groups, pages and more. 

More Gender Options 

It's about time we caught up with the rest of the internet. If you identify as another gender, you no longer have to select "other", but that is still an option. We added a lot more choices, and are looking for suggestions to add more. Post in the suggestion forum if we are missing a gender that you or someone you know identifies as, and we will add it to the approval queue.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone.

Choose what you see 

Now you can filter the stream by post types. Want to only see photos? Or maybe forum posts. Well we have added the "Post Types" menu to the top of the stream. Check the boxes and only see what you want to see.


Colorful backgrounds can now be used to highlight your posts! This is an experimental feature for now. If you have any problems posting, try turning off the background.

Emoji Browser 

 Adding new emojis have never been easier with the brand new emoji browser. You can now simply type the character ":" and it will automatically suggest the available emoji on the site. Yes, this means custom emojis! Have some that you would like seen on the site? Post in the suggestions forum.

Page Owner Posting now allows page administrators the ability to choose to post comments or status updates on the page as the page itself or as themselves. This is very useful for people with multiple fursonas, that way you don't need multiple site accounts to post as another character. 


You may have noticed the banner ad for PDFC above the stream. We are just in the testing phase, but are looking to allow conventions, artists, and fursuit makers, to purchase relevant adspace on the site. This service will only be offered to furries for a small fee and will be heavily moderated. The last thing we want to do is spam our users. If you have an opinion about this, please leave it in the comments section below, and I will respond to each one.

Bug Fixes

Okay here is the boring part:

Users now able to backspace or use predictive text on mobile phones in private messages

Stream items get crushed on tablets and are not readable

Users no longer getting email notifications after turning them off

Missing language strings in profile edit resolved

The system no longer sends multiple email notifications to conversation recipients if multiple conversation messages are sent in a short amount of time

Conversation owners can now remove conversation participants in group chats

Stay Informed

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Looks good!

Looks good!
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