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Website Revamp

​First of all, thank you to the community for your understanding and patience. I apologize for the data loss and the long time it took to restore the user database and files. I have taken steps to prevent this in the future, such as offsite backups every week, and onsite backups every day on to a dedicated drive. 

I created this site in 2013, and so far we have only had 1 data loss event, and 2 major outages. For a small site like ours, that is pretty good, but something we never want to have to deal with again. To all users who lost their profile, you are free to create a new one. It is even easier than ever with Facebook and Twitter integration. For users that did not lose their profile, they may notice some photos, posts and other things missing. I can't recover that data, but I can protect the data you create here from today forward.

Now, on to the new site!
As you probably already noticed, we have finally updated the look of the site for 2018. The site has looked the same for the past 5 years, not that it was bad, but it was old. The new site is responsive and should look pleasant on every device you use. The community is better integrated into every page with the new layout, now you can see your notifications on all pages. We have also added new features, like the events calendar, blogs, video sharing, and more. Explore all the new features for yourself, and keep a lookout for new features coming down the pipeline.

New Look

I spent hours getting the look just right, tested it in multiple browsers, including mobile ones. This site should look great on any device you have, if not, shoot me a PM.

Familiar Layout

I made a lot of changes to the look of the site, but kept a familiar layout so you don't have to struggle to learn a new site.

All New Blog

​Post whatever you like, personal blog for your friends, commissions, WIPs and more. Check it out, you can post right now!

Stay Informed

When you subscribe to the blog, we will send you an e-mail when there are new updates on the site so you wouldn't miss them.

We ended our Meetup account~


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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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