Fursuit Review

 A lot of people on another site were asking me to review my fursuit, so I went ahead and typed one up! It's pretty long but if you're thinking about commissioning my maker I cover a lot of info about the suit in there. Link here

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Hiya guys!
Its your local Raptor Pup chiming in to let you know my commissions are wide open. If getting quality, but cheap art is something that interests you, Direct Message me @DinoPuper on Instagram. On my Insta page there is prices, and other useful info regarding commissions, and TOS.
I'm trying to save up for some arm sleeves for my suit so I don't have to poodle all the time. :,D
Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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What are AZ Furs?

Updated 07/30/21AZ Furs are Furries in Arizona. The real question you might have is, "What are furries?" The term furry describes a diverse community of fans, artists, writers, gamers, and role players. Most furries create for themselves an anthropomorphized animal character (fursona) with whom they identify and can function as an avatar within the community. Some furries wear elaborate costumes or paraphernalia such as animal ears or tails, or represent themselves as anthropomorphic animals in ...

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We ended our Meetup account~

As many of you know, we ended our account at the end of last year. The reason for this is that it was under utilized and cost too much to maintain.  Rather than keep paying for it, we chose to move all events to It has all the features of meetup and then some, allowing people to see events without having an account, and to RSVP after setting up an account. This is particularly useful for people who don't use FB, Twitter or FurAffinity. All of our main events...

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Website Revamp

​First of all, thank you to the community for your understanding and patience. I apologize for the data loss and the long time it took to restore the user database and files. I have taken steps to prevent this in the future, such as offsite backups every week, and onsite backups every day on to a dedicated drive.  I created this site in 2013, and so far we have only had 1 data loss event, and 2 major outages. For a small site like ours, that is pretty good, but something we never want to ha...

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Meet With Us

Come hang out with us at our regular meets and events! We love meeting new furs and people who are interested in the fandom. Check out the Events section for more information.